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This is you. Your body. It seems to be. What are you? Not sure. They have constructed you as a weapon. Then you became a person. It is beyond your understanding. Your skull gives you memories, your heart gives you feelings and your automaton body will give you freedom.

They wanted a weapon so they will get a weapon!

As they will see, mechanical vampire is a dangerous creature and you are armed with special swords. Their hooks help you climb walls and their blades will drain your enemies' blood in order to pump it into your own veins. Your mechanical limbs grant you astonishing speed. You are a predator - skull hunter. Your body is very durable. Are you the monster they wanted you to be? Created for killing, you are now killing for freedom.

How to play:
By clicking the left mouse button, you can perform deadly nimble vampire ninja moves! One second you are here and in less than an eye blink you are somewhere else, cutting your foes in half. Aim, click and wait for your body to move! You must aim behind the enemy to strike them down.  You can also chain the attacks (max 3) since it takes some time to perform one.

You can also run by pressing the right mouse button, but while running, you are vulnerable to shooting and you are unable to perform any damage.
You must kill all enemies in a level to gain access to the next one.
Blood powers your body. If you run out of blood you will die (does this mean you are a living being?) Do not forget to hide behind walls so no one can hurt you with their pathetic rifles.

Here's the visual instructions which my girlfriend did for you:

Game created for https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-40-hunters.
Theme: Hunters
Limitation: Mouse control only

Used engine: ct.js
Used graphic: The main character was made by me and the enemies and heart by my lovely girlfriend.
Sounds: Kenney
Cool texts by Cool Text Generator
Music generated by cgMusic

Development log

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